Olzhas Kudaibergenov addressed the Advisory Board
of JSC «Samruk Kazyna»
September 22, 2016
On September 22, 2016 deputies and public figures expressed their views about the transformation processes in the group of "Samruk Kazyna" Fund. The Advisory Board, chaired by the head of the fund, Umirzak Shukeyev, met with this purpose in a slightly different format.

Umirzak Shukevev promised to openly discuss the most pressing questions. The current discussion was devoted to the mid-term results of the transformation program.

— The traditional postal business directions are being changed and falling in volumes. It is unavoidable. This is a trend, it is necessary to look for new areas of business — confidently declared the head of "Kazpost" Bagdat Mussin.

The expansion of line services are considered in the framework of the transformation of the postal company.

— We see a growing trend — parcels are ordered via the internet. They grow in dynamics — 30% annually. "Kazpost" in the past did not have time to change its focus, now we are reorienting towards the so-called new generation of customers. They know internet and order via it, they use smartphones — continued Mussin.

— New life is breathed into the rural company offices, which were near to closure. Analysis of the situation forced managers to dramatically change their initial plans: instead of liquidation, 50 new branches were opened in the last 2 years in the village areas. Today, they are engaged in the sale of rail tickets and delivery of goods in addition to postal services. The provision of banking services and performance of the role of some government agencies are planned.

Deputies perceive such changes with gratitude.

— We are very glad for "Kazpost" today. I remember that when we started the employment program in 2011 and did not know what structure to use for implementing microcredit programs in rural areas, we offered "Kazpost" to be the operator, but "Kazpost" refused. Today we see that you realize these functions, — noted Gulmira Isinbayeva, the Deputy Chairman of the Majilis.

Jannat Yertlessova, the economist, advised to transform the Government following the "Samruk-Kazyna" transformation.

— The Government also should be transformed. We adopted the Law on the National Fund many years ago, but, unfortunately, now the Government as a shareholder makes niggling requirements and endless paper work. Therefore, it seems to me that today we did not talk about changing managerial accounting system and government relationships, — Yertlessova said.

She also noted the fact that the transformation is a long-term project.

"You have got good fast results, but the main goals may be achieved in the medium and the long-term periods," she said.

Olzhas Khudaibergenov recommended to the top-management of the companies to think about the simplification of business procedures. The expert noted a positive dynamic in staff recruiting processes.

"Kazakhstan is a small country, and I can indirectly judge by the comments of many people who talk about the process of employment in "Samruk": the number of positive comments is greater than negative," Khudaibergenov said.

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