Kazakhstan has a critical mass of local
highly qualified consultants
August 24, 2018
Today's options for those who want to study and work are unlimited.
The number of Bolashak program graduates just supports this evidence and we see that this year the figure reached more than 10 thousand people. The contribution of these young people reaches far beyond the public sector of the country and benefits the private sector as well. The Center for Strategic Initiatives (CSI) is one of those organizations benefiting directly from this. At CSI, the graduates of the "Bolashak" program provide consulting and expert services in various fields. Taking into account their education from the world's leading universities and professional experience, our firm is able to compete with global rivals. Apart from that, we in CSI, have a deep understanding of local context and specificity of Kazakhstan. Looking back one could see that Kazakh government used to involve foreign consulting firms to advise on strategy; however, today we are witnessing increasing demand for CSI's services and expertise..

May 30, 2018
August 8, 2018