On the need for creation of an integrated system
for managing the development of Astana city
July 7, 2017
During the first urban forum in Astana titled "DNA of the city: Communities. Business. Government", international experts and city planning specialists, heads of development institutions and large private companies, together with the city council of the capital discussed the development of Astana as a future megalopolis. The speakers were
F. Meuser, an architect, head of "Meuser Architekten BDA" Bureau,
R. Marini, an urbanist, director of Gehl Architects, K. Kelimbetov,
a manager of the Astana International Financial Center and others.
CSI Executive Director Yernar Zharkeshov served as a speaker and emphasized the need to synchronize a set of urban subsystems
for the purpose of balanced development of Astana and creation
of an integrated system for managing the city's development.

"As we know, development of the city of Astana and Astana agglomeration is regulated by a number of documents including the Astana City Development Program for 2016-2020. There are a number
of programs at the national, city levels, the level of enterprises and individual projects. The effectiveness of the current management system for implementation of projects of different levels, scales and areas
of responsibility has reached its limits; it becomes unnecessarily bureaucratic, involves the need to coordinate a multitude of participants and creates unreasonable competition for public funds allocation.

It is important to develop a management system for implementation
of development projects for Astana city and its urban agglomeration
in order to eliminate possible contradictions between individual projects, identify development zones unreached by city initiatives,
create conditions for sustainable development of the city in the interests of four target groups - the population, business, tourists and the government (represented by the city administration). Therefore,
a comprehensive approach is needed. In this regard, it is necessary to transform the operational model the Astana akimat" - Y. Zharkeshov noted during his speech.

Following the results of discussions, the forum participants expressed the hope that this forum would become an annual dialogue platform
for communities, business and government, similar to the urban forum in Almaty.

May 30, 2018
August 8, 2018